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A Day Of New Beginnings

Sometimes I think I may want too much. "Maybe I am just asking too much of myself and Expecting too much of others." Especially when it all falls down. It is in those Exact moments, I realize w ho I am, where I am, and how this all came to be. It is with this position and these Gifts in Me. I remind myself: "Queen, Goddess, your Exceptions may well be too low. Many believe the Sky is the Limit, I Believe the Galaxy is too Small. Set Dreams For Farther than your Mind knows how to Reach, and then Stomp on the Sky Getting to them.

Think Big and Dream even Bigger. Make Goals and Give yourself the Opportunity to See them through. Do NOT Beat Yourself Up for Falling a Few Times Along The Way, Often Those Stops are the Ones We Need To Help Us Find Our Way. When we get upset, when it just does not seem to be happening, or going our way; it is just not happening fast enough, that is when you should see that Dream, and Begin to Dream even Bigger. Surpass those thoughts and Make New and Higher Goals to cross; somehow, this seems to bring the before mentioned Goals even Closer to me. I hope it brings yours even closer to you.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, Just take a Deep Breath. Join me in Relaxing. Life is for the Living. Live a Lot. - Dr. Patricia P.

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