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Memorial Day Thoughts

This little 60's Babe is Extra Proud today. Who would have thought; who would have known; who knew; and she still cannot believe ....... That I will be the Keynote Speaker merging the Color Divide and bitter Boundaries and in the 'White' Cemetary today. Not sure what will change, or if there will be any change, but it is an Honor to be the Cement to bridge even a small gap in this most racist and bigotry society of divide. Today, I become a part of History, right down the road from the Black Cemetary, where I will speak, in the racially divided, Caucasian Cemetary 'Whites Only', in a world were we are more of Mixed Race and society forces one to choose, I will be the 1st Woman of Color to Speak in an all White Cemetary. And yes, many dead bodies are going to Roll and turn today, but Good Human People walking in Life will feel a sense of peace, and smigget of an ending to this racial divide and stubborn ideaology. If even just for a moment, and I hope for a lifetime, this little Woman of color, will be apart of merging a racial divide.

'Justice For Sunshine'

Thank You For Entrusting to give this Speach today. For I am a Soldier, not of Gender, color or race, but a Soldier, and though I gave Some, Some gave All.

Mote It Be.

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