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The Lovely Breeze of August

What a lovely and wonderful time of the Year. The leaves try to figure out if it is still summer or fall. The children go back to school. Football games start, Tennis, and all things positive. Traffic picks up, so we must be careful, but life as we know it, all starts to have a rhythm again.

It strikes me a bit peculiar that the season is does not fit the time of year that I am seeing, versus what I am feeling. Then it occurs to me, that I am in the south, and here we only experience 3 seasons of the year. Sometimes 4 seasons, but not often enough to think it out loud. Just often enough to think it all.

What a lovely and wonderful time of the year. Not to hot, not to cool, but just right and a Lovely, so I can say it again, What a lovely time of the year.

~Dr. Patricia D. Writer * Author * Publisher


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