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About The Author

Dr. Patricia Demps is a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces. It was a career that she took great pride in. After her career with the Armed Forces she became a career student. She has attained a number of degrees to her credit, and not without difficulty. As a Survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault; having been viciously attacked by someone whom she not only knew, but trusted, the devastation that followed as a consequence of that event would lay ripples across the history of her life for decades to come. That tragedy forever altering the course of her life. The impact of this event had not only changed her circumstances, it had in fact, changed her. 

Changes aside, Patricia gained the strength to recognize that she could not allow herself to stay trapped in the horror of that single night. She was more than the sum of her immediate circumstances, she was more than just a soldier. And as the years evolved, she learned that she still had the ability and the strength to be whatever she needed to be to continue to progress her life forward in spite of her trauma. In spite of her waking nightmares. In spite of the ghost that seemed to haunt her around every corner. She learned that she was still a woman of dignity and pride. Mental and emotional wrestling aside, she still had to find a way to go on with her life. She had to find herself and Learn to Love Her Again. And she did. As a soldier. As a student with multiple degrees. As a mother and as a successful entrepreneur.


Today Patricia is now known as Dr. Patricia, a keynote and guest motivational speaker. A professional life coach, as well as a wise and knowledgeable adviser. Dr. Patricia motivates and inspires her clients by helping them to recognize their own issues, to acknowledge and address them, so that those issues can be rectified, altered and changed to achieve the desired result. She is a powerful and passionate speaker who is both insightful and direct. She is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. She teaches Meditation, Life Focus and Balancing; she is a Healer. 

During her college years she became a licensed Notary Public and a Certified Signing Agent. She used those Skills as a means to help pay her tuition through college. She still employs that craft today serving in her community and at large. Having been Ordained, Licensed and Certified to perform ceremonies throughout all 52 states of the U.S., Dr. Patricia, is also a Licensed Wedding Officiant. She has walked with many couples through marital matters, ceremonies and family mediation.

With all of that being said, Her Greatest Joy in life comes from her Two Sons. Every accomplishment they achieve is an affirmation for this Single Mother that she has done something right in life. Dr. Patricia is exceptionally proud of her two Sons and the Light that shines within them.

As a Spiritual Guide and Counselor with a call on her life, she is Purposed and Authenticated to Inspire and Motivate. She is a Survivor/a Warrior. She is Life. She is Love. She is Dr. Patricia D. She is a Motivator.

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