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Dr. Patricia Demps

U.S. Army Patricia Demps
The Rape Of A Female Soldier
Sunshine Martin has made it to the mountain top. She has found strength in her independence from her estranged family, through her new career in the United States Army. From the central intelligence of the Pentagon, to an aviation squadron on Fort Hood, to the ice covered mountain tops of Alaska, her intelligence propels her from opportunity to opportunity until she finally meets the man of her dreams, Eric Martinez. Showering her with all of the love and affection that she'd been denied the whole of her life, Sunshine finally allows herself to be vulnerable enough to love, and to be loved, only to have that love, and her future, 
The Rape of a Female Soldier by: Dr. Patricia Demps
destroyed and stolen from her. However, what should have been her end, turns out to only be her beginning. The next three decades of her life would prove to be an even  greater challenge, as she battles through her adversities in the pursuit for her right to her quality of life. This is the true life story of one woman's triumph over tragedy, as she continues to pursue the justice that has already been denied her once. This fight, is far from being over. 
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Mommie Motivates Bobbie
Bobbie has a hard time when he sees new people or meets new people. His Mother notices his distress to meeting new people and gives him tips, supports, and comforts the situation with him. She loves him. Bobbie does better with meeting new people and friends.

Jewelz-Unique Demps & Dr. Patricia Demps are a Mother and Son Team. The 2nd born and youngest Son of Dr. Patricia, they came together to write this book about a young lad having anxiety to let others know they are not alone. As they hope to help young children and adults alike using techniques Dr. Patricia use to give Jewelz Unique to use when he was a young lad. Using those techniques, Jewelz-Unique was able to get pass his shyness to become the young leader and scholar he is today. 

Jewelz & Patricia Demps
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Mother & Son (Patricia & Jewelz Demps)
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Jewelz-Unique was a 17 year old Junior in High School at the time this book was written. He and his Mother enjoyed this summer project and wonderful moment of bonding and love before Jewelz-Unique's Senior Year in High School; where he was the 1st time Junior Team Captain, and the 1st time 5A Returning Team Captain of his Football Team, where he led his team to the Texas D.C.'s 7/7 Championship. A 3 Sport Athlete with a 4.7 GPA and a Member of the National Honors Society; while also pursuing a College Career with a 4.0 GPA that entitled him to become a Proud Member of Phi Theta Kappa College Honors Society. Jewelz-Unique holds the Proud Title of the 1st Homecoming King to Win Homecoming all 4 years of his High School Career [Which says a lot about  him as a person, his personality, his character and his leadership skills]. As a Class of 2020 Ambassador, Community Help Servant and the 1st Living legend on campus. It goes without saying how Proud Dr. Patricia is of Jewelz-Unique. As she likes to say: Single Mom Proud and his #1 Fan. Jewelz-Unique went on to earn a spot on the All State Academics Team for the State of Texas, and 1st Team Defensive Back. This will NOT be the last you hear of this Mother and Son Team; This will not be the last you hear of Jewelz-Unique Demps.


Congratulation's King Jewelz-Unique Demps &

Dr. Patricia Demps.


Jewelz Demps Homecoming 2019
Little Pieces Of Me The Books

Love, Short Stories and Poetry


Little "Pieces Of Me" Love, Short Stories, and Poetry, is a book filled with love, my love. Short Stores, short stories of me and Poetry... The love, intensity, and often time’s simple complexity of a roller coaster of emotions, that is me.


Pieces, Nah, not just pieces, I am NOT an Open Book, just Little "Pieces Of Me", described through my Love, in Short Stories, and my Poetry. Just little “Pieces Of Me”.


Come along with me. Come and feel my "Vibe". Come and enjoy the Little “Pieces Of Me” by way of, Love, Short Stories and Poetry.



©Dr. Patricia Demps

Available Now.
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I'm a paragraph.

Raised on the Greater East Side of

The Great Lake State, "Detroit, Michigan".

Dr. Patricia Demps is a very passionate writer.

She has a kind heart and is a whole Vibe.


A Multi genre Author of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Spiritual and

Children’s Books, Dr. Patricia shows much longitude

in her "8th" Best Selling Novel of Short Stories.

Wise Words, Life, Living and Truths that many

only think about, she says it.


As she stays true to herself and within her originality, she reaches a new

 height to teach, share and grow. She shares just a little bit more with

 her audience. A little bit more of who she is as a Writer,

a Woman, an Author and a Human Being.


This is another Whole Vibe by the Talented and

No Holds Barred Writer, Published Author and Publisher,

Dr. Patricia Demps, AKA 

Dr. Patricia D.

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He is a grown man, but he will Always Be Mommies Babe
Thank You for Your Love & Support
That's My Babe
Best Of 2019/2020 Notary Public
Senior 2020 #Demps
Let's read this review
Dr. Patricia D.
The RAPE Of A Female Soldier
2020 Graduate J. Demps
Best Of 2020 Notary Public
Me and My SiStar....
Defense Babe!
Co Author Jewelz-Unique Demps
Mommy Motivates Bobbie
2019 Notary Public Of The Year Award
Finney High School
Me and my Daddy watching StarTrek.
The woman who made me a woman. MoMo
All grown up now.
My two men.
These two became my life line.
Can you see it?
Still a Military Family.
I was so pure and innocent here.
I am so proud.
First marriage, Lucifer / Angel


"I read this book and was amazed that I would not know this. Thank You. 

Pastor Jones

"Thank you Dr. Patricia I absolutely Love "Mommy Motivates Bobbie". Thank you and your son." 

Better James


"This book hit so close to home. I laughed and cried, I screamed with rage and trembled with pride. Dr. D. is a true to life Shero!"


 Amanda Colier, Atlanta, GA


"This book is truly a great book. From beginning to end, it captivated me. It was a raw truth that needed to be shared with the world. A must read for everyone. Thank you "Sunshine," for sharing your story with us. Though I know that it was hard for you, I believe that you may help someone else gain the courage to speak up and speak out about any abuse of this caliber that they may have encountered and who suffering in silence. Justice was truly blind in this heinous crime. Something needs to be done about our country's corrupt legal system in general. All parties invovled should be punished for their participation or lack there of, in the way this case was handled." #justiceforsunshine -



"OMG, This book was a good read. I cannot believe this, but he will get his day. If I know god, he will get his day. Strive on Miss Patricia. Strive on."

                  Carolyn Smith


"Honey I am so sorry that this happen to you. I Promise you this guy will have no good luck. I can promise you this. Justice will prevail."                                                                                                 


   Karen James


"Man, this thing was smoking from the excerpt. I am proud of you Patricia. That was not what I expected. it was strong. It was empowering and educational. I pray you sell millions of copies. I know you will."



    Rick Jones

"This is a must have and read. I will be in to see you soon." 


     Julie ...Jeanette

"It took me a few days but baby, this is the real deal. This happens to girls and young ladies all the time. I am so proud of you. This dirty dog will see his day. He will I can tell you that. He will see his day and you do not have to watch for it. I cannot wait for my sister to get her copy and for us to compare notes. Just know, he will get his day in hell."

                                                                                         Cynthia Barnett 


"I’m almost 1/2 way through it....yes I’ve cried a couple times already... y’all definitely need to support this amazing woman....and get your copy TODAY!!!" 

                                                                             Tanya Mock


"Wow, I had no idea. None. This book was beautifully written and I am so proud of you. This was good. You deserve the best in life, now go and sell a few million."


                                                                                     Warren Jones

"Wow young lady, I do not read books, I read this one because you wrote it and I am so happy I did. You are a a wonderful woman on the inside and out. God will take care of that young man, you take care of you. This one was good. Now I am ready for more." 


 ​                                                                                         Dean Mack

"Patricia I love you. You have so much respect from me. So much. I already respected you, now I respect you even more, if that is at all possible. You are my Shero."


                                                                                       Barbara Miles

"This book was so hard for me to read. It was so hard. I could relate and I just cried. This is a good book. It is a great and compelling book about a very phenomenal woman. I cannot believe what I just read, but okay, I will not spoil it for others. Get this book. It is good. Get it and share it with your daughters, I shared it with mine."

                                                                                     Le'Kesha Brown

"started reading your book and it is very interesting....."

                                                                                               - L247




"Falling in 50 is me all the way. Before I got married and I was dating I did not play around with me, I thoroughly checked these guys out. It was my way or the highway. I love this book."


                                          Janet Green


"Thank you Dr. P, I loved your book. I know it was your sadness, but it helped me a lot with my life right now. God bless you and may he get the army and may this guy have no peace in life. Amun Amun Allah will handle him."

                                                                                         Candice Biggs


"Hey Lady, this was very interesting. I am sorry you had to experience this. I know lot's of ladies go through things and so do men. I know this will help a lot of people, keep your head up and keep going strong." 


                                                                                               Paul Jones




"Wow!  I would have never known; your always so uplifting and happy. You just never know what a person may have been through or is going through. God bless you. This took me back it was a good read and fed  my soul. Thank you Queen. Thank you for using you to help us."


                                                                                         Sylvia Jackson




"Thank you for all of your sacrifices and hop you sell millions of copies."

                                                                                          Linda Howard




"I have read your book twice and it has made me look at my life, what I complain about and how I am going to move forward. Thank you. Thank you very much Dr. Patricia."


                                                                                         Keshia Brown




"This book is giving me strength and I feel your strength when I am reading it. I take it with me everywhere because just seeing it in my bag reminds me to be strong !!!"


                                                                                                  L. M. 




I have been reading your book and I am only halfway through and must say, you are a true inspiration. The hardships you went through are helping me with my situation and giving me strength. It makes me really take a look at my life and realize a lot of things. I pray now that I can have just a smidgen of your strength in life and be the kind of person you have become. You are truly a role model like know other I have ever met. Thank you for writing your book. it is such an inspiration to make me want to keep fighting and keep living and loving and doing what's right in this world. You are an amazing woman Dr. Demps.

                                                                                   Cheryl Lynn Jones

~OMG! I've been reading ya far awesome..I've smiled like.. I've cried..I've put my self in your place.....God is so good to bring u this far! Positive energy and Much luv Dear. Much!


                                                                                              M. G.

I’m almost 1/2 way through it....yes I’ve cried a couple times already... y’all definitely need to support this amazing woman....and get your copy TODAY!!! 

                                                                                           Tanya Mock



Wow, I had no idea. None. This book was beautifully written and I am so proud of you. This was good. You deserve the best in life, now go and sell a few million.


                                                                                         Warren Jones



Wow young lady, I do not read books, I read this one because you wrote it and I am so happy I did. You are a a wonderful woman on the inside and out. God will take care of that young man, you take care of you. This one was good. Now I am ready for more.


                                                                                            Dean Mack

Patricia I love you. You have so much respect from me. So much. I already respected you, now I respect you even more, if that is at all possible. You are my shero.


                                                                                        Barbara Miles

This book was so hard for me to read. It was so hard. I could relate and I just cried. This is a good book. It is a great and compelling book about a very phenomenal woman. I cannot believe what I just read, but okay, I will not spoil it for others. Get this book. It is good. Get it and share it with your daughters, I shared it with mine.

                                                                                       Le'Kesha Brown


This was amazing. All men need to read this. I thought it was going to be about one thing, but you took it there and then a whole other place. Thank you for sharing. This one held my attention. I could not put it down. 


                                                                                                Lou Jones

I read your book....unbelievable, heartbreaking but you are so BRAVE! My hat's off to you! Can't wait until Thursday! 

                                                                                            Mrs. Massey



I just finished. Whew! 

I think this book will definitely help others. It was well done and a great read. It tugs at the heart strings in just the right way.



This book is so profound. It's one thing to hear of the stories of others but to read the story up close and personal and it is so intricate and well written, it holds your attention. A true story of love, life, and survival. I am enjoying this immensely. As an avid reader I am pleased.



I purchased your book for me, but my daughter thought it was for her. She was talking about it so much my Mom took it and read it. Mom's applauds u for the courage ..the book helped her open her eyes to things she ignored or over looked...


Thank you Dr. Patricia. 


                                                                                        Leonard Walker

I was trying to write a Review, and I was at a lost for words. 

                                                                                                K. S. P.  



Wow! All I can say is: Wow! this was profound and I am so sorry you had to go through this. God is a good God, and this joker will get his. He will be found out and his time on earth will not be happy. He did not get away with as much as he thinks he did. You are a brave woman and I am so proud of who you have become. I look forward to the day of meeting you. 

                                                                                          Karen Jones

I read your book and are to have heave come down and bless you. God is going to open the flood gates of heaven on you and that boy is going to get what he has been waiting for. The saying is Hell Have No Fury Like a Woman Scorned. The truth is, there is no fury like that from touching god's own property. Hell does not know fury, but brian will. 

                                                                                         ~Mote It Be

Thank you for sharing your story with the world and allowing me a peak into this heinous crime committed unto you. I will not forget this and I am not sad this happen to you, I am infuriated that it happen and to this day nothing has been done. I stand with you and I will use my voice to help others. Thank You Dr. Patricia. Thank you for being so brave Queen. 

                                                                                        Porsha Kilpatrick 



I know your story because it happen to me. A man. who do I tell? Who would have cared or understood. I am in counseling today, but I know your story. I hope they get him. I hope someone reads your book with the power to get him. 

                                                                                      Clarence Singleton 

I read your book. Unbelievable and heartbreaking, but you are so BRAVE! My hat is off to you. 


                                                                                         Jacson P'Lib

I have the utmost respect for you as a woman, a mom and a lady. I respect you as a human being. Thank you for being so brave. I hope this book touches and heals a lot of lives. I know you have touched me and I am healing. Thank you, you brave soul.

                                                                                        Amanda Silas 

Thank you stranger. You do not know me but I am so happy I brought your book. I was at a table when you came in to set up for a book signing and I merely wanted to support the author, i had know idea of what a blessing this book was going to be to an old soul. thank you for Sunshine for all that you had to endure for the rest of us to be blessed by your tragedy. My hat is off to you and I pray that this snack in an army uniform get's what all snacks are entitled to. I pray for justice for you and for him to succumb and apologize to you for in time, i am sure he has realized what he did was commit a crime. I have you and your family in my prayers. And Eric. I like him. I hope he has healed as well.

                                                                                 Veronica Doolittle 


I have tried to write a review for days now, and the truth is I have no words for what I just read. I have read this book and I simply have no words. I am Proud of you and I do not even know you. I am on your side. The side of justice. This dirty dog will get his day. May God hold you and keep you strong. This mangy mut is going to court I pray that a Jag officer see's this and has the obedience to bring his offender back to active duty to serve him his justice. I hope they pay you too. You deserve to be paid for all of time you missed on active duty and the rank you would  have achieved and that retirement salary. It is my hope, wish and prayer that sunshine get's Justice. Not just a little, but all of it. He will not die a happy man. He cannot.

                                                                                      Jessica Johnson 

This dirty boy will get his. I am so proud of you for sharing your story. I will share this book and tell all of my friends to buy it. I believe this message is meant for a lot of people. not just rape victims, but definitely victims. May you sell on the international level and may lifetime pick up your story. This is the type of story that the world needs to read and know happen. Do not be silent. God will not let you be now. Many blessings and I cannot wait to read about how brian was brought to justice in The New York Times. This is a best seller. I am proud to have met you. You are going to help save the lives of a lot of people.

                                                                                      Rev Jamie Knight

This book is amazing. Your an amazing writer and I am out down with this process. I need more of you. Do not let this be the last book you write, I will be watching to see this guy get his and I will be looking for your blow up. Your a New York Best Selling Author. As soon as the right people read this, that is it. They will know your as phenomenal as I am. 

                                                                                Author K. N. 

                                                             (See you on the "Best Sellers List")

Hello Dr. Patricia, it was my pleasure meeting you in the airport and an honor to read your book. I am going to go ahead and say that we will definitely be meeting again. I was in awe that this wonderfully helping and awesomely wonderful lady that I met in the airport, could be the same amazing "Sunshine" that has seen so much tragedy in her life and yet be so blessed to not wear it on her face. Your amazing "Sunshine", and never let anyone tell you anything different. Until we meet again, I am on your team and I will be in Prayer for your assailant to be brought to justice and in the very near future as he losses all of the life that you have lost as the seeds sowed, he shall and will reap; Horus is upon him. You my dear, have the spirit of "Amun Ra". You will succeed, and the "Sun" will continue in your favor. AMUN-RA will cover you and be with you all of your days.

                                                                                         Abdul Ra 

Thank you Sunshine, I have received and read my book and I have so much Respect for you. He will get his day in court or before God, but he will not live a happy life. Non one with this heavy on their heart, can have a happy life. He has nightmares and can only wish he never met you, but fail to take responsibility for his wrong doings. God has a place for him and it is not in heaven, but it is on earth and it is not a happy life. 

                                                                                         Teresa Cain

Thank you for your story. Thank you for sharing your life, tragedy and love with me. You wrote this for all of us. it is your story but it is going to help and save millions. I believe that. It is for all of us and this one here can feel you near. He is not happy and nor will he ever be. Your mother or your ex husband. How tough it must be for you to get through mothers day. I send you love dear. I send you positive and happy thoughts. For Justice is Swift and near; and he will have his day. 

                                                                          Yvonne Jackson

I am so sorry that this happen to you. I am glad you shared it with us and i cannot wait to see your name and this book in lights. This is a Life Story book. I will be watching this on Lifetime and remembering that I read this book. I am in awe of the beauty of a lady that has been trough far more than this book tells, I am refreshed in my soul to read this book and to see who she has become. All things in there right time. He will have his day. I cannot wait to see your name up in lights. He will have to pay for his wrongs. I am happy that you survived. 

                                                                         Survivor Phyllis Jones


We all have a story, and I am happy that you shared yours with me.

  James Polka

She really is an amazing and multifaceted authoress. 
Her accomplishments and her ability to persevere in the face of adversity and at a time where women struggled to find their voice and be heard, is amazing. RAPE of a FEMALE soldier is an amazing book of love, life, struggle and endurance. You will love it; I did.

  Nneka Rodriquez 

If you like to read. Get the book! If you have been or know someone has been a victim of sexual assault. Get the book! If you support black writers. Get the book! If you are looking for something new to read. Get the book! The Rape of A Female Soldier by Dr. Patricia Demps, available now. 


   Clarissa Robinson



Thank you Patricia, your book is amazing, your amazing. You have helped me and my family and I am so honored to have met you. Thank you for your service in the United States Army and I wish this rapist to get all that is due him and then some. I recommend your book to Oprah's book club. I hope to see you make big ways and have a large and successful career as a "Published Author". God bless you dear. May he continue to bless you. 

       Georiga Booth

This book had me going crying one minute, smiling and laughing the next. I needed this. I needed to read your words. I needed to feel and hear someone that has been through what I have been through and who made it to the other side and gets me. You get it Dr.Patricia. You get what it means to sleep in the closet. You get it and thank you. Thank You!



Helen Jackson

If you want to be motivated, refreshed and to live through sunshines eyes and continue to move forward as a survivor, I recommend this book to you. This is a very good read. It kept me on the edge and I cannot wait for more even now. 


 Saundra Hicks



This Queen here wrote for the God's. She put these words here for us to know that we are not alone. Many talk, but this book touched my very soul I wish you much success at the top and I hope he gets his just do. I am praying for him to. Karma misses no one. 


      Annie Mae Cole

What a visceral look at the vicissitudes of life. Though very tragic, This book is liberating for many who’s voices has been silenced by the tyranny of being violated on every level. Thank Dr P for both your sensitivity and your bravery in allowing us to Sunshine.


W.T. Spearman

This was a fabulous Book.

Thank You for writing. This was a Fabulous read and I hope Brian get's all that is intended for him. Amen Amen

   Howard Cain

This book is a must read! I am now reading it for the 2nd time . Patricia I’ve only met you once but I know after reading your book you are a strong and amazing women. You have done amazing things with your life and for your kids after having such a crappy start to life. I can’t wait for Volume II if the book. I can’t wait to sit and talk to you more. I have so many more questions I need answered. People go order this book and read. It will hit home for so many people. Dr. Patricia you are amazing. It is my honor to have met you!

  Ann Logan

I cannot wait to read your fabulous book.

L. F. 

Thank You for sharing your story with us. I am so upset to read and hear how our Military does our female personnel. I am so sad to read that this jerk has gotten away with this for all of these years. I affirm that he will no longer. My Faith Is In The Father and the Mother to Heal and Spank This boy.


Evangelist Robin Ware 

You are chosen.


Cora Miles



*Thank you for all of your reviews.

**For More Review's Please See The Events Page.

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