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I eat what I want to eat

Carbs, Sugar & My Ice Cream. I am Just Sure to move just as Much as I intake, If NOT more.

I am a Foodie. There, I said it, and I said it out loud. I am a Foodie. I eat what I want to eat when I want to eat. Late Nights and Early Mornings. I am a Foodie. I do not measure carbs, calories or anything, and I eat what I want to when I want to. Now that being said, I am (by Nature), not a junk food intake machine. I am 5'1' in stature and I have been over 200 lbs, and Under 120. I Eat. What I also do is make sure I drink water as soon as I wake up in the Morning. I wiggle my toes, and fingers and stretch my body really good, arms, legs, neck, shoulders, legs, muscles and feet, 1st thing before I am even out of the bed on any given day. I do leg lifts and squats as I do my personal hygiene in the morning and I generate my metabolism and get my circulation to going. I Love Breakfast Foods, so my sweet intake is early and I have the opportunity to work those carbs, that sugar and starch off in my daily routine. I dance as I get dressed and I try to move more than my intake of food; but I EAT. I am a Foodie. I am responsibility to Love me just enough to always be proud of the person I see on the screen, in photo's and in video's. I Love the Me I see. That is why I work out and make Life Style Changes When I feel I need to, never dieting. Those never seem to work for me. Genuine and Sincere Life Style changes work for me. I am self motivated. I do not allow anyone else to design a plan that I have to force myself to engage in and like, I motivate me and I make changes to my eating habit, sleeping and life. I love fruit, boiled eggs and many different type of vegetables. They make great midday and late night snacks. I Promise Me that I Would Not be so big I could not fit in a seat or ever have to pay 2 fairs for a seat because my bottom was to wide, before My Babe Egg Graduates from High School. I may need to expand that to College now.

I know fat. I have felt Fat before. And I did not like it, so did something about it. I made a decision. All Great things start with a Decision made. I decided I did NOT like what I saw on Photo's and with the help of a personal Trainer [ Rock Star Fitness "Ade Hazley" Guru ], and the support of my Producer Jeneisis Joselyn Nneka Rodriguez, I made a change in me. I chose to make a difference and over 5 + year's Later, I am still making changes to insure that all of that hard work was NOT in vein. I do not believe weighing myself on scales. I get on them sometimes, but they do not dictate my wight, my heart, soul, pictures, the mirror and how I look on film to "Patricia" dictates my size for me. I Love "Patricia" and Patricia has to like what she see's when she is looking "Me". I am Patricia, and I Put's in the work to be me. I am a Foodie, of course I gain weight. I sure do. I am human and I like to eat. But you know what, when I see something I do not Like in Me, I make a Change. I do NOT quick Fix Diet. I do however take a day or two to look at me: What I am doing. What my schedule is like. If I am sleeping. What I am eating and what I am snacking on.

Am I eating (because not eating can cause your body to go into emergency and feed itself and that often adds weight also) I do an overhaul personal check of "me". If you do not like the You, You see in the mirror, in photo's or in video's or just how you feel about you, do an overhaul of you and see where you may be able to make changes and make them. And I do not beat me up for when I fall off. I pick up from there and keep it moving. I Love Me, and You should Love you too. If you love the skin your in, and others have an issue with the you, that you have chosen to be, that would be their problem and you should not make it your own. I do not make others issues or insecurities my own. That is a stressor I do NOT care to have. If you do NOT like what you see, make a change, but NO Complaining if your not willing to work at "YOU". No complaining. Simply Embrace the You, that you have chosen to live with and Smile as You Live your Best Life Each Day.

I am not going to miss out on a Meal on purpose. I am a Foodie, and I Eat, I also try to mover around and put in just as much activity as I eat, or more. ~Dr. P

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