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My Spiritual Sabbatical: Health, Love, Blessings and Weight Loss

Whenever I mention weight loss online, I get a million different people in my pm asking if they can help me lose weight. They are selling, someone's cousin lost weight doing, or they have some thing I need to try or do. My response is always the same. No. Even if they have a product that looks good, baring it being a new piece of fun exercise equipment, the answer is Not for me. That is NOT an invite to sell me the latest new pyramid, it is merely me voicing in print that I am about to go on this journey. My Journey.

My Health (Weight loss/gain) Journey. Being healthy, is a journey that is personal to me. Being an introvert (Ambivert), I am not going to let you in deep enough for you to take this ride with me. It is my ride and I actually enjoy working out, breathing and meditating. Ahhhhhh, this is Lovely. This is also the 1st Day of my Sabbatical. Ahhhhh, This is Lovely.

This is a Beautiful and Wonderful Personal Journey. I Love Enjoying Me.

No matter your size, body, tummy, thighs, arms or whatever, be happy. Be happy to be. Be Happy Being You.

I am totally enjoying Patricia. I am totally enjoying me. The Me Inside of The Me You See. Me.

I am totally in Love with Me.


Dr. Patricia Demps

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