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New Years Resolution

Today, is the first Day of the Rest of your Life. What do you plan to do with it?

This is the time of the year that many start to plan, write and affirm new years resolution's. Do you do that? Why? Why Not? Why post date for later what you could do today? Why stagnate or Procrastinate for tomorrow what you recognize needs Change Today? As I was typing this, Coach Brothers (Morris Brothers "Personal Trainer" of Dallas, Texas) says to me: Do you think that if I choose to make a resolution for a month and say that I am going to work out every day, will that work if I am not structured? He posses a Great Question, What Say you?

I do "NOT". make New Year's Resolutions. Why Not? Because I am structured, organized and I make change when I see, hear, or note that change needs to be made; people need to moved; or I myself need to be still, shut down or move around. I Meditate. I Love me just enough to pay attention to me, allow the Spirit to lead and guide as I do my darndest to follow that straight and narrow path (now lets keep in mind that we are all human and subject to flaws). I simply do my part in keeping me right. I do my part to remain, and be the Perfect me. The perfectly flawed me that I am and growing each day to be. ~Why put off for tomorrow, what you can do today. [Author Unknown] Dr. Patricia Demps, Proud Author of "The Rape Of A Female Soldier".

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