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Sunshine Martin has made it to the mountain top. She has found strength in her independence from her estranged family, through her new career in the United States Army. From the central intelligence of the Pentagon, to an aviation squadron in Fort Hood, to the ice covered mountain tops of Alaska, her intelligence propels her from opportunity to opportunity until she finally meets the man of her dreams, Eric Martinez. Showering her with all of the love and affection that she'd been denied the whole of her life, Sunshine finally allows herself to be vulnerable enough to love, and to be loved, only to have that love, and her future, destroyed and stolen from her. However, what should have been her end, turns out to only be her beginning. The next two decades of her life would prove to be an even greater challenge, as she battles through her adversities in the pursuit for her right to her quality of life. This is the true life story of one woman's triumph over tragedy, as she continues to pursue the justice that has already been denied her once. This fight, is far from being over. "The Rape Of A Female Soldier". By Dr. Patricia Demps I am a Survivor. ~Dr. Patricia D. *Female Veteran Keynote Speaker Guest Motivational Speaker Life Coach Advisor Mystic

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