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Trust You!

Be Strong, Be You, Not what is expected of you.

(when it does Not make you Happy or feel Great in your very being, that is not for you.)

I follow My Gut, and NEVER My Heart. My Spirit is always right. I Follow the God In Me without question(s).

I know many, if not most of us have heard, [Most], if not All of lives "Follow your Heart".

The truth is emotions are a roller coaster of back and forth / up and down doubt, That often leads to anxiety if not depression and anxiety. I learned many years ago that making a decision and sticking to it is best for me. I Never Follow My Heart, and I cannot remember the last time I was wrong. It is a standing joke now, with my children and close family friends. When I say a thing, make a decision, someone ask for my advice, or I simply make a suggestion or have a bit of advice; I ask: When was the last time I was wrong? And they all laugh and say: Never. I follow me. The Spirit in me, and I have NOT been wrong in Decades. I can say, when I second guess, am not sure, or just see it for me in a different way, I am not always wrong, but I am not always right either. My Gut, Your Gut, Our Gut, is Never Wrong. I have never been wrong when I hear, listen and move with my Gut [The Spirit Within]. What do you have to lose by trusting YOU? [Big Smile] You only have Life to gain. There is NO Lost in Trying You.

Let's be very clear here. Making a Sound Decision from the gut, and sticking to it, does not mean that I cannot change my mind. I/You Always have the Freedom to Just be Me/You. It 100% means that if I change my mind, that is also a well thought out decision that I make for me, and my life [NOT] a roller coaster heart affect, that may have a negative impact or a negative effect on the rest of my life [My Future]. It means that things or that thought changed. An effectively, so did my decision on the matter (situation, issue or cause).

*Emotions were never meant to rule us. They should never play a roll in the Decision making process [Nor Should Your Heart - It changes with your emotions].

Sometimes... Very Often we simply realize that a thing is not a thing any longer. Like anything else we grow out of wanting /thinking we need it (or them). It no longer serves the purpose beforehand intended. We do sometimes, just, Change Our Minds. [Smile] I truly hope this helped someone reading this today. It truly always helps me to remember that I am in control and in charge of my Destiny [And You Are In Charge Of Yours.

Love, Hugs and Applesauce. Be Safe And Have a Grand Day.

~Dr. Patricia D.

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