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I am an "Ambivert."

I am an Ambivert.

Ambiversion is the perfect combination of introversion and extroversion. The word "Ambivert" is defined as "a person having characteristics of both extrovert and introvert." Which Characteristics are different for each Ambivert.

Most People do not know that I am shy. Because I have awesome People skills, many equate that with being out going and an Extrovert. In public I am seen as an Affluent Social Butterfly. I do NOT know a stranger. The Truth is I am a Loner. I Love My Me Time and I hate company at my home, unless it is planned or intimate. :)

I do not have the Extrovert personality or the characteristic that cares to talk matters out with others (it has to benefit me in some way to talk to another person and work a thing out…. I see that type of conversation as a waste of my time, if the outcome matters not to me). I am not the: Let’s all get together and talk this out person. I Am NOT! I make firm decisions and I stick to them. And though I prefer to think things out before I speak, in my Circle of friends, I'll cut you off talking and dive straight into any conversations. I am introverted with strangers on that matter and Extroverted with my friends. I hate surprises and I NEVER Need another Human to Validate Me, I build me up and pat me on the back. I Got Me. It is great if you do also, BUT the chance of you disappointing me is low if you fail to meet that standard. I Never let me go. I am an Awesome Team Player, but clearly I choose a career where I am the Boss so being on a team, is my choice. I do not need micro Managing and I quickly dismiss those that require it (diffusing the myth that I am controlling… I will NOT micro manage you. NOT My thing). My only Child at home is 16, he does not require micromanaging and if he did, I doubt he would get it from me. The thing that confuses most, and which also makes me Ambiversion is my ability to Think in or Think outside of the box. I am a Great Debater, although I know longer debate. I am both an Explosive and Solid Writer and an In High Demand Awesome Speaker and Life Coach; those are specific Introvert/Extrovert Characteristics. They do not coexist in either Extrovert or Introvert. I hope this helps the few of you, that feel we are friends and think you know me, to stop saying the very annoying "Gurl your....". My Friends know me. And they know these things to be true even if they had not pin pointed that I am an ambivert. They for sure know that these are just a few of my Wonderful characteristics. Another thing I dislike to the max, is anyone trying to make their views or opinions mine. A discussion is always nice, but your views and opinions are your own, as are mine. My mind works just fine. I answer and speak for me. If ever I cannot, J.U. Demps will speak for me. NO One Earth will ever know me as well as My Babe Boi, and even he just stares at his Mommie sometimes. Stop Speaking for me and just ask. I will answer or I will not. But I am the Greatest Source when it comes to me. And I will Not Argue about me. “I AM”.

We teach people how to treat us. And I find that when people understand who you are, everyone gets along better. Now that I have given you just a little bit more of me, I ask those that I stop speaking to, to not cry victim, my dismissal of you, means you have made it a personal Choice to ignore My rules and boundaries for Patricia, Me, Myself and I. And I in Turn have made a sound decision to “Keep it moving" for my Peace Of Mind. That is NON Negotiable. ;)

Ambivert is a single word to describe the ambiguous mixture of introversion and extroversion Characteristics. The Characteristic vary from Ambivert to Ambivert, but we are true to the Characteristics we house and home inside.

Thank me later. I know I am an Awesome Teacher and I just helped a few of you understand a person you have been rudely calling by some Mentally Disturbed term. This is also why I am such a well Sault after an Explosive Speaker. I have a way with words and a manner in which those that choose to, Enjoy and Understand usually do. :)

Ambivert: In the middle of Intro and Extroversion, but decisively neither one nor the other. :)

~Dr. Patricia D

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