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Maybe I Do Like Company After All

Living My Best Life

Oh My Goodness. I have a habit of saying I do not have company or go to anyone's home because ...Why? Ugggghhhhhhh. What's the purpose?

Well, I just had the best evening that, talking, sharing and loving on people I love and care about. Family. It was like I was home in Jonesboro on the porch talking to my Sister's/Brothers, Nieces or/and Nephew's. It just felt good.

So maybe it's not that I do not like company, or do not want to go to anyone's home, but more like.... I did not have enough in common with those people. It did not feel good, familiar or comforting. Only I did not know what it was, or what I was missing, I was sure I did not like it. Maybe it was that I did not want those people to come to my home, and I did not want to go and sit and talk with them at theirs because they felt like strangers. For sure, tonight, I had a Grand Time. Bug bite and all. It was familiar... It was Family. It was home. <3 I am growing up. I missed what I felt tonight. I Miss Home. Praise God for Bring Home to me, God strong, loving and caring people. People that you can call "Home". Family.

I always get what I need when I need it. I simply expect it to happen like that. I cannot imagine that the God in me, would want anything that is NOT of God. That my Ancestors have set forth for me. Work hard and all the God in you to lead and guide, and you too will be free. <3

"Thank You 3. We LOVE YOU. J just said that out loud.... Mom I Love them So Much. Thank You for being an energy that attracts good energy. I'm glad I am not going far for college, I would miss my family". Ahhhhhh This is living. This is "Family".

~Dr. Patricia D.

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