Life And It's Ever Constant Changes

October 10, 2019



Today I simply thought about life and it's ever constant changes. Specifically I thought about the fact that I am about to be an emptinester [empty nester].  Yea!   

Yea, and Bitter Sweet all at the same time. Yea in the sense that I will have all of this New Found Freedom that I crave. No Broken Sleep. No Mandatory H.S. Mess. No H.S. Sports unless I so choose. And No More Teacher Meetings.  Yea!  

Bitter as in I will have all of this New Found Freedom and all of those other things because My babe [baby] will be gone off to College. Bummer! Can I just have them both [all] at the same time. My babe home and the freedom to do, go and come, ....move around as I so please?

I am a hands on Mother. I know I cannot. I simply was thinking of Life... and it's ever Constant Changes. 

~Patricia D.

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