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The First Step Towards Freedom

There are many different kinds of bondage. Different forms of chains that we forge within our own lives, mentally and emotionally. Chains forged from fear, from inadequacies, anxiety, low self-esteem, or shame. We have the ability to pigeon hole ourselves into specific roles out of desperation, or out of what we perceive at the moment to be a desperate need. Our sense of responsibility can be both our greatest asset and our greatest adversary. These kinds of circumstances have the ability to sometimes trick the human mind into making poor choices. And the consequences of those kinds of thoughts and actions a lot of times, can have the kinds of consequences that can span a life time, but it doesn't have to be that way.

You have the ability to change any scenario that you are facing or currently dealing with. No matter how bad the circumstance, or how painful the outcome. Everything within the realm of your being that impacts you, can also be impacted by you. It is a question of perception, understanding your parameters, and then knowing how to operate outside of them in order to achieve your goal. No one is ever a victim of circumstance. We become victims of our own inability to act on what needs to be done. There are simple ways to overcome what seems like an impossible situation. Impossible situations are only impossible when you don't know that you have other options. And there is always another option. Understanding that, is the first step in understanding the many different routes available to you, the many different options that you never even knew existed, towards your own freedom. Want to learn more? Let's discuss it.

- Dr. Patricia Demps

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