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Today Is A Present

Today is Saturday. The 7th day of any give week. Another Day in this year. It has a Name [Saturday] and it will Never be THIS Saturday Again. TODAY is SATURDAY. The 7th Day of the Week.

It is this day, and we only get one "This Day". We may get a do over, but will not get to do on This Day, This date, or In This Time, This Year.

Several years ago, when My Children were younger I made up "Good Bye" to the "Present Age Day". We say Goodbye to 9, before you turn 10 tomorrow. You will never be a Single Digit age again. Never. So before we Celebrate and say Hello to 10, we acknowledge and say "Goodbye" to 9 years of Life. We celebrate the year past. Before Happy Birthday Tomorrow, We Celebrate the last day of 9. And as we Bring in the New Year, Post Birth, We Celebrate the New Age and Year we are today. Write down and make year Goals for the Present New Year. We Recognize we will never be that age Again. We say Goodbye today. And Cheer on the new Begining and Vey Present Presence "Pre sent", of a New Day and New Post Birth Year.

Today is a "Present", Yesterday is gone. You may get a Do over of this day in Life, but it will Not be on this DAY. Have A Very Happy and Glorious Day (and if Not, May You get the Present of Tomorrow to try and Do it again). Happy Happy Happy Present Day. Each Day is a Present, This Day is Saturday, the 7th day of the week. Be Happy. Be PRESENT. You will get another Saturday. Another 7th day of the week. You will Not get this day back again.

Tell me, do you Celebrate Good Bye to the Previous Year? When? Why or Why Not?

Have you ever even considered it a New Day of the Year?

What do you think of it now?

"Let's Say Here"

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