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Death, The Crossing Over

Death, No Matter how you see it or wish it to be, a Loved one is gone. A Family Member, Friends, Peer's, a stranger. It is the Death of "Someone's" Love One. A Loss. A Beautiful Mind, Body and Human is Lost. Gone to the human Eye; gone to us in the physical forever. We each take on and handle this differently. Grief and it's many Stages, is yet different for each. It is a sadness that many choose to argue in forum and debate the length of time for all to grieve, as if we are all one in the same. When in fact, we are not and Never Will Be. There is a very Narcissistic Personality that believes;

"However I think and feel, is how the world should see and feel it". "My Way is the Best, Most Important and Only Way."

I am Not that personality. I choose to Honor and Celebrate you. Not to fight you, or where you are in your feelings. Let me be the Queen I am and say: Your feelings are Very Real, Today and Always. What You Feel, How You You Feel is Important (I Challenge You Not to Live there, but I recognize that what you feel in this time and moment is real). Whatever YOU feel, however you feel it, yesterday, Today and Always, will always be the truest You can he to you. Your Feelings of Sadness and Grief are Real. Now lets focus on the Positive, the Good Memories and Moving Forward with the most Positive of ancestor Energy and bringing that Good Energy and Spirit with us. Make it the most Positive of a Sad Situation that you possibly can. Build you up to the Most Positive that You Can Be. - Dr. Patricia D.

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