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Loving One's Self

I Love Me.

How? Why? My Question is Why Not? Why Not Love Me?

I am the Most Wonderful and Precious Person I Know. I Know Me. I do not just Love Me, I Adore, Respect, Honor and I am Loyal to Me. I have Self Love For Me.

Patricia Loves Me.

Patricia looks in the Mirror and The Reflection looks back and Loves Me.

Confidence. "I Can"

Self Esteem and the Love of Me. "I Will"

Goals. "My Destiny"

Because I am Full Of Dreams and Someone told me as a Child, and Reinforced It In Me as an Adult: I CAN, therefore; I WILL. ...

"If you truly want it, then aim for it and it shall be; and to remember, that "i", (You) had/have the option of Choice. I can quit. I have a Choice. I can stop, or choose to start all over again the same or a different way. I Can. It IS My CHOICE. ...

I have OPTIONs & CHOICEs. So Do You.

Feel Free to Choose, as You Self Love and Spoil Yourself, "Atta Gurl" - "Atta Boi", All The Rest Of Your Days. [Adult And All Grown Up] You Get To Choose. Love You.

Feel Free. Give You Permission to "Just" Be You.

Dr. Patricia D

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