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Know what you need.

I Love the saying: I do NOT Need YOU Boo, I like you. I like it so much because it is "A Truth."

Many prefer to stay single rather than being with someone whom they do not share, core values, morals, or life's experiences and many lesson's with....

Many choose to be single until They find someone who makes them feel that thing inside that moves ONE to want to be with them. Eat, Sleep, Think and Drink Memories of Love and divine dreams and moments together as one. Not Just Sex, but that may be included. A Person that makes you feel he/she really understands you. Respects your dreams, your visions and your goals. <3 I hope that you would want someone who challenges you in the Best of Ways, Likes you as a friend, Loves you as well as Loves on you with Respect, Trust, Honor and Loyalty. You should have a Partner that laughs with you, Teaches you New Things (Many you discover together as 1) and who is not afraid to Love you in such a way. Love is a Give and Receive and not always at the same time or in the same manner. You’ll be attracted to the person who has dreams as big as yours. I will choose to be single until I find someone who does NOT see me as some form of competition, competition, intimidating or some dude that wants to control that in which he did not earn and does NOT have for himself. Come on now, how you gonna control my $1 when you cannot comprehend how to manage and grow .50 Cent. As a Woman, a Lady, A Mother, a Queen, A Goddess I Need a Cover and a King with a Shield of Natural offense. I do not wish to be in competition with my partner, I am old school, once I know, Respect and can Trust him to be the HuMan he presents himself to be, Compatible, Secure, Stable, Fun, Kind, and Loving.... All the rest should happen of natural Chemistry. I do not believe in working hard or fighting to make it what it should be. That does NOT mean there will not be moments of discontent or disagreement, but I want respect him enough to step back and allow him Kingdomship. I simply want to have fun, make jokes, laugh and have the little girl in me come out to play with a Healthy companion that may one day be more (I need options, I need to be and feel free. In Life there are NO Guarantee's), but I can Guarantee Me to continue to Be Happy. At the end of the day, you know an Alpha personality loves you when he/she says, “I don’t need you, but I want you.” "All others are offended at that type of surrender. Unbeknownst to them, for thee Alpha, to be Loved, Respected and Feared is the Ultimate of the daily Grind, but to be Loved Honored and Respected is the purest and most Sensual form of submission a Man Can find. <3

If you Need Me to Need you... Keep it moving. All I need is the Air I breath, the Light in me; and if I lose it all tomorrow, the drive in me to rebuild and do it all over again, bigger Newer, and by a different means a whole New Way. <3

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