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Personally I Do Not Loan. Not even a Penny. Speaking of Being taught, I'm a Pastors Daughter, of course I was Taught "Giving is Caring"; "Its Better to Give than to receive"; and on and on about giving. And at some point I was told to never loan more than you can afford to lose/give away. I do Not believe that Money is the root of all evil. LOL. Money only has the power that "Humans" have given it. 'man' is the root of all evil; the controller of money.

I am Not a Child any longer and as so, I have kept a lot of My Dad's Positive influences, I also have my own opinions and thought processes. As a Professional Business Woman (and no longer a Child eating the words fed to me of others), I know better. And I can only be Obedient to God, and She Lives in Me. I am Spirit led and everything is a Blessing to me. No, I am Not religious, but I have found that if I follow the lead of my Spirit that Life is Grand and purposed indeed, So I Do Not Loan; Not even a Penny. If I am led to give, I will give and wholeheartedly, but ONLY if I am led to do so. And I've given my Last and been truly Blessed for it. I have also had it to give, but my Spirit was Not quickened to do so, so I did not, and have been Equally Blessed for my Obedience to the Spirit that moves inside of me. That Blessing was for someone else to give and to Receive for their obedience. Had I of given in those times, it surely would have been a Blocked Blessing of someone, and No one woukd have received. I will teach, but I am not in tbe habit of given to take a lost. Not everyone is filled enough to get this, and that is fine, it is a lifestyle and Not everyone can walk your walk your walk with you. Not everyone can walk mine. And I am most Happy for that.

I do Not believe in lost. I will Not take a lost or a Negative for someone else to gain. Selfish? Of course it is. If I am Not selfish with me, who else will be. If your constantly Withdrawing with No Deposits, you will be in the negative and quickly. And if your always freely giving, and the only deposits are your own, where do you see, hear, feel, taste, or even sense a Spiritual gain? Some of you are simply programmed to believe that you are doing the right thing, but if I have it to give, what exactly am I giving? And to the glory of who?

Had a Person that I once called Friend tell me, after asking me for a sizable amount of cash, that: God Did Not Bless You with All That Money to Not Share it with me. Wow! She was Not My Financial Advisor, and who Said I had "All That Money". I was just as Broke as she was. Just Wow! I simply managed my Broke than she did. And why is it that so many believe that a God is responsible other than the God in You/Me? God Gives You Choices, People Do Not, you get to make those decisions on your own, stop giving your Joy and Power away for the sake of be living believing as a Child..... As an Adult, you make choices, and your responsible for the results of said actions. Win or Lose, it is all on you. When ask if I am ever going back to the pulpit, the answer is: probably Not, I reaching a much larger audience and on a much larger scale simply speaking to the world at large and Not just a Box at hand. Less Stress and Drama also. I do Not desire a Flock, I enjoy my Freedom of just being me and only serving One God. She Lives in Me.

To each her/his own...... I never argue religion, I do Not even understand the arguement of Religion. Why Not? I do Not believe (with your own personal relationship with a Higher Spirit), that we are all called to believe alike or the same always. We are each individually purposed, or just confused and laymen and comfortably so. I am selfish with me. Rightfully so; I Love Me and Mine. I will Not take a Loss with My Eye's Wide Open. Now I may fail, fall, or even trip, but I will do so watching and with that probability known unto me. Think/Meditate more and act off of impulse less. That's an empty emotional decision; they never get you anywhere. But Love, Love is actually a Sound Mind Gut Decision, I is let up for you to never lose. A lose is a lesson, and I hope for all Lessons to be learned for thr purpose of gain. The gain of Faith works for me. I Wish You All Love.

Be Kind Always and All Day's

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