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Smiling Big On My Special Day

Today is a Special Day for me. No the date itself is NOT Special, but the Day is. I woke up this Morning and I felt GREAT! My lower lumber was spasming, I needed my walker because my neck shoulders and upper back felt like they were not working today either. My throat was sore and I was smiling. Why? I Woke Up to Live Another Day Again. I am Smiling Big!

I began to stretch my toes, my fingers, my legs and arms. I stretched my neck and did my throat exercises. At first, to more pain. So I drank my bottle of water and smiled more as I turned my feet on out of my bed, and stretch Stretch STRETCHED some more. And as I got up to go and take care of my personal Hygiene, my legs felt like noodles, but you now what? I leaned on my walker and I went on anyway and Stretched as I brushed these teeth and washed this face, and I just kept stretching more. I refuse to give up or in just yet. I just kept right on stretching, until this body actually felt like it wanted to join me and stretch too. ;) Good Day to you whatever time of the day it is. I am happy to be a part of the living and to share this time with you. We Woke up and I am living. I Choose Life. Live each day as if your living it for your Life and those that you Love, on the shoulders of those that paved the way for each of us, You and Me. Good Day, I am a part of the living. [Smiling Big Today] ~Dr. Patricia D.

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