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The Start of a Brand New Day.

Wow, Just Wow! Here I am doing this all alone and all on my own. I always thought that you/he would be here. I just knew he would; but life has a way of changing things, people, time and places. Man. Here I am, all alone. And then Life Begins all over again. You start over. Brand New and You learn how to live for you. Just you. You and your children, but definitely YOU and all over again. I'm Ready!!! Here is to New Beginnings. Love's Lost, gone and or stolen just a minute to soon. Here is to Me. Here is to You. Here is to Adrian, My Mentor, The Love of Literature and My Rock. Thank You for all you have done to help me and the set me on my way. Thank you for leading me off and into the right path and direction of my Destiny. Now as you set me out on my own in this big, bold and cruel world, let it be known that I appreciate all that you have done for me. All that you have taught me and all that I am able to say and do now, simply because of you. You. Your encouragement, motivation and patience. My Brother from another Mother, You, My Friend and King. Now it is my time for me to learn and do it all alone. Wow. This is where I realize how much I do not know. How much you did not teach me and how far I have yet to go. And I will get there. I will get there as I often do. I will get there on my own and all alone. BUT, the point being.... I will get there and I had a great pointer/leader to help guide me on the start of the journey to finding My Published Literature way.

Love, Life, Hugs and More Love as I thank you King. I Thank you and am forever Blessed for the God in You.

Thank you Adrian.

Namaste' Namaste'

~Dr. Patricia D. [ Blessed Be My Happy New Year ]

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